Resolution of Defense to 1st Amendment Rights

Resolution of Defense to 1st Amendment Rights
As Presented by the Nonpartisan League

In Support of the 1st Amendment:

In response to national and local events surrounding protests, rallies, marches, and victimless civil disobedience, we affirm our support and the rights of all people to practice their right to assemble to address grievances. In affirming our support, we are opposed to police and the military antagonistic responses meant to disrupt and agitate such groups into more aggressive forms of civil disobedience. Attacks on journalists and the press at many of these events from police are in direct violation of our rights. The main cores of the 1st amendment stand around the following:

  • People have the right to speak to the issues that are affecting them and their community.
  • People have the right of a free press, to record, gather statements, and investigate a situation to provide information on events.
  • People have the right to assemble peaceably, to address grievances against those with power including -but not limited to- the government.
  • That government institutions, such as a congressional body, may not establish a set religion, or prohibit one.

When law enforcement and military commit to actions of agitation, they are in fact infringing on our rights. When law enforcement and military assault and arrest journalists, they are in fact infringing on our rights. An orderly and respectable police department would seek discussions and ways to open dialogue to address grievances.

As such, that any police officer or military personal creating an agitated response is in fact dishonoring their oath to the constitution. Their role is to help facilitate and de-escalate for public safety and protect state and capital buildings.

In Summary:

These rights are directly being questioned and attacked, and we must stand together to protect cornerstones of our democratic-republic.

  • People have to right to attend sessions to voice their concerns of legislative actions, and space must be provided to allow a civil resolve to grievances.
  • We are against the requirement of a permit, the need for “permission” from the state to address state related issues.
  • Creating laws that defend people who commit vehicular manslaughter against protesters is heinous and immoral, as is any other law that would encourage and allow violence.
  • Law enforcement does not have the right to arrest the press, in any situation.
  • We oppose armed military occupation, beyond state buildings, in the event of local people taking to the streets to bring awareness of issues and repeated injury.
  • As long as demonstrations are without victim(s), that disrupting traffic and commerce are within the scope of peaceable assembly to address grievances.
  • We stand with victims of police brutality and lend our voice in support of reform for law enforcement to address national and local issues that persist and threatens the peace of local communities all across the country.
  • We believe no one is above the law and if law enforcement engages in agitation rather than de-escalation they are in fact breaking their oath to the constitution, and should be immediately removed from their position.
  • No establishment of religion should be made, and that no religion should be prohibited from governing bodies. As such all religions have the same rights as another and prejudice along these lines in any governing body is a direct violation to the constitution and our rights.

Our 1st amendment right is the most sacred in allowing a free people to have influence and control of those who assume power. Our rights are under assault locally and legislatively, and we still stand firm and vigilant to this issue so that people can keep their right to organize.

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