Patriotism is sacrifice and duty.

It’s being willing to stand, face fear and danger. Defending brothers, sisters, and siblings. It is making sure we safe guard our rights and freedoms.

When we wake up, we put on our mask, not to protect ourselves, but to protect others in our community. When we march in the streets risking our lives under the threat of domestic terrorists who will shoot us to “protect the businesses”, under the threat of people running us over and legislators legalizing attacks on us, we do so bravely.

We risk scorn and being ostracized by coworkers and fired by employers. A friend asked, “Does it pay?”

Truth is, we aren’t paid, we don’t get a housing allowance, we don’t get college credits and we sacrifice a lot while risking our lives and livelihood, to stand for civil rights, reproductive rights, indigenous treaty rights, and environmental justice.

“Then why do you do it?” Some may ask.

Because that’s what a Patriot does, we sacrifice and do our duty to fight for our rights and the rights of others for our nations freedoms. So when my son or daughter ask why they stand for the pledge of allegiance, I can tell them because our family has always and will always fight for justice for All.

Special thanks to our armed service members and veterans who also sacrificed and risked their lives to stand for our country, and to the police who genuinely care.

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